Art Direction

Ariara is a spectacular 72 acre private island estate of immense natural beauty in the Philippines. Voted by Vogue as the No.1 private island in the world, we were tasked with trying to capture all the magic of the island in stills and on film and create a special book to document the island’s remarkable story. Ariara has featured in all the top travel and lifestyle magazines and continues to command the attention of the world’s press and those seeking an authentic, laid back luxury, desert island experience.

Aerial photograph by W&R Studios of the Ariara Island

Aerial Photography by W&R

Jetty leading down onto Ariara Island

Photography by W&R

Watersports area on the water at the Ariara Island


Business card design for Ariara Island by W&R Studios

Closeup food detail photography by W&R Studios
Luxurious ariara branded leather laptop case
Luxurious ariara branded leather notebook
Luxurious ariara branded leather wallet
Bathroom of Ariara resortcloseup food photography of Ariara resort by W&R Studios
Ariara room interior by W&R Studios
Ariar bathroom detail
Balcony area of the Ariara resort
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